Being ManKind

We’re proud to be supporting BeingManKind

Being ManKind is an exciting project created by Super Being Labs, which aims to explore the concept of masculinity and what it means to be a man in today’s society.  Being ManKind aim to inspire young boys and men to grow into kind and confident humans and they’re doing it by telling diverse stories from positive male role models. Through these stories, they can create a ripple that shows how there is no such thing as ‘be a man’ – there is very much a thing as ‘be a human’. Being ManKind want to break gender stereotypes and strive for equality.

To begin, they have published a book comprising a collection of inspiring stories told by men from all walks of life. Being Mankind volume 1 addresses the unique issues that men and boys face today. Their aim is for these stories to create conversations and to get people talking about these issues from a young age, so for each book sold they will donate another to a school or youth organisation.