Funding for Schools

pe equipment used at sports for schools event

Truly inspirational events that raise money for PE equipment for your school!

The funding of the scheme is designed to be a triple win:

  1. helps schools to raise money for PE Equipment (over £2.5m raised to date!)
  2. supports prospective, current and past top international athletes
  3. at no financial risk to the school

It works like this: the event is organised by Sports for Schools so that the school is never out of pocket. From the total amount of sponsorship raised, the money will be split as follows:

  • Sports for Schools deduct a small administration fee per pupil who takes part in the event on the day which helps to cover some of the base costs of running the scheme
  • 60% goes to the school
  • 40% goes to Sports for Schools

The school will receive a voucher for their 60% of the money to use with one of our two sports equipment partners to buy new PE equipment for the school. Both partners are also supporting the scheme by offering a 10% discount on all further orders for a period of 12 months.

The money that goes to Sports for Schools is primarily used to support our international athletes and cover the costs of running and administering the events. Many of the athletes we support train 30+ hours per week and might otherwise struggle financially to compete for their country.

Overall it’s a terrific way to help schools, help athletes and inspire kids!