The Event

Danny Lawrence leading activities for children

3 Simple Steps

Show the Sports for Schools DVD to pupils in assembly two weeks before the event. This helps to motivate the children in advance, build expectation and will explain:

  • the format of event day
  • which sporting champion will be coming to visit
  • demonstration of the exercises and activities for children
  • all about the Sponsorship forms

It’s also an opportunity for the teachers to use the DVD as inspiration for a school project for kids to investigate sports, athletes, or the athlete who will be visiting you.

Either a morning or afternoon session, the entire event lasts 2 or 3 hours and requires a constant flow of children filtering through the sports hall, class by class, to participate in 4 fitness exercises for 1 minute on each activity. The Sports for Schools Sportivater takes care of it all – you just hand over to them and watch it all take place!

The Sportivater is accompanied by the celebrity athlete and together they put the children through their paces in the fitness circuit as follows:

Spotty Dogs / Sit ups

Leg Drives

Press Ups

Star Jumps

You’ll be amazed at how every child gets involved, whether sporty or not!

After the fun fitness session, everyone gathers for an assembly with the celebrity sports star who will talk about their sporting experience, give a spectacular display and hold a 30mins Q & A.

Sponsorship moneys are collected by the school over the following 7 days. We all want this event to be memorable and so to say thank you to those who have raised sponsorship money, any child that:

Raises over £5 will receive a Sports for Schools wrist band

Raises over £15 will additionally receive a wrist band autographed by the Athlete

Raises over £30 will additionally receive an autographed A4 poster of the Athlete

The school gains a large percentage of all money raised for purchasing new PE Equipment and many athletes will receive financial assistance towards their future training expenses and development.

Sports for Schools events are booked up at least a term in advance so please don’t delay, get in touch now or book here.