Our Social Mission

Olympians Peter and Nathan

Our mission is to put physical health in children on a par with mental health and academic excellence.

Our guiding principles are:

• To do our bit to encourage children to live a healthy life
• To inspire, challenge and excite children into more sport
• To encourage “I can’t” to become “I can”
• To create worthwhile and well rewarded careers
• To do the right thing

Physical activity is a vital component of a successful life: as important as academic success. The World Health Organisation recommends that school-aged children (up to the age of 17) should do an absolute minimum of 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day – that means to break a sweat. Ensuring children become active at a young age sets them off on a path to live a healthy and successful life. Our way of doing our bit is to bring GB/Olympic athlete role models into primary schools to motivate children and their teachers to lead a healthy life.

Our amazing athletes and para-athletes visit schools to inspire, challenge and excite the children through their stories of grit and determination, and engage with them by making fitness fun. We want children to discover for themselves the great feeling from physical exercise – whether at an event or elsewhere. In the process, we help schools to raise money for new PE equipment to sustain the momentum built up during the event.

Every elite athlete has a story to tell in which they have turned a setback into a success: “I can’t” became “I can”. During the events, children encourage each other to complete the circuits, cheering along to music. No one is left behind – the circuits are completed and enjoyed by each and every child regardless of physical ability. The athlete will summarise this great effort in their motivational assembly, highlighting that much success in life is a result of hard work and teamwork.

Though we are focused on delivering a social mission aimed at children, we also have a mission to enable the amazing people who work at Sports for Schools to grow and develop and be successful individuals in their own lives and careers. We want the time that our people spend at Sports for Schools to be the best period of their career, a time when they learn, develop and lay further foundations for their future success.

We all know how to do the right thing when given the choice: so everyone at Sports for Schools is given the authority to do just that. Simple.