Fun Kids Radio

Fun Kids radio

We’re super excited to be working with Fun Kids, a radio station for children and their families.



Fun Kids programmes are specifically for children aged 7 to 12, but they also have some pre-school programming which is broadcast under the Fun Kids Junior banner (weekdays 9am to 3pm).

Fun Kids and Sports for Schools share a vision of inspiring kids to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Will be working with fun kids to do lots of exciting activities together such as shout outs, interviews with some of the amazing athletes that work with Sports for Schools in the run-up to the Rio Olympics, competitions and much more. They will also be providing some terrific music for the events we run at primary schools. How cool is that?

As will come as no surprise, Fun Kids radio includes a lot of songs!  Some are from TV shows or kids’ films and others are from the charts. some are from nowhere in particular but we know that a high proportion of five year olds stand up and jiggle when they come on.

There are also lots of stories on Fun Kids every day and a steady stream of competitions and news about events.

As well as the important business of entertaining their small listeners, Fun Kids want to work for the big ones too – parents and carers. They know that you might not want to sing along to all the songs or listen to all the stories but we want you to be comfortable with your children listening to the radio station, even when you are not in the same room.

We all know that many kids spend too much time in front of a screen (we call them “electronic nannies”), so we love the fact that Fun Kids keep us entertained without becoming couch potatoes. We think radio is better for children. When kids are listening to the radio they can get on with other projects and activities – or event get dancing and active! And we know that both of those are great for the brain, great for health, and even help them achieve better academic results at school. Awesome.

Listen to interviews with some of our incredible athletes:




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