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Hello, is your child’s school hosting a Sports for Schools event? Bet you’re wondering what it’s all about, well here you go…

  • Surprising, exciting and challenging children by bringing an athlete and a ‘Sportivater’ into their school and getting everyone involved in a physical activity circuit
  • Fun and encouraging exercises for kids, inspiring them to become physically active, reach for their sporting potential and turn “I can’t” into “I can”
  • Helping the school to raise money for new PE equipment (£2.5m raised to date!) – that’s the bit where you, your friends and family come in!*
  • Creating memories that will last well into adulthood. It’s incredibly special. There is strong scientific evidence that the memory in itself will positively affect behaviour in the years to come.
  • Sports for schools are the largest provider of such events with 1,300+ schools and 350,000+ pupils taking part each year. Spaces are often booked up in minutes!

* We are certain you will want to support your child and hope that in doing so you will also be supporting their school. Through sponsorship of the children participating, 60% of funds raised will be given to the school and 40% will go to Sports for Schools to cover the event costs and donation to the star athletes who need funds for ongoing training expenses and development. Find out more about how we raise money.

Find your school from the drop down menu below and you will be redirected to your very own Event page

On your event page:

  • Details about the actual event
  • Facts about your Athlete
  • Introductory video
  • Fun tips about burning off all your excess energy!

These event pages are not just for kids…they are great for parents as well!

If you have any difficulties finding your school, please give us a call on +441223 792200

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“All the kids really enjoyed themselves, as did the staff! It was organised so well, and the assembly at the end brought it all together brilliantly.”

PE Coordinator, Upshire Primary Foundation School

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