Nutri Troops

Nutri Troops is a healthy schools curriculum programme that uses animated characters to stimulate interest and learning around nutrition. Pupils take the role of healthy heroes as “Nutri Troops” in hands-on health education workshops – all led by a larger than life Olympic athlete mentor.

Delivered over a half or full day, it requires just 45 mins for each class, plus a whole school assembly.

There are optional free and subscription follow-on teacher support materials plus a termly animated character magazine for pupils to maintain excitement and interest.


Nutri Troops – The story of Obi City, from Peter Bakare on Vimeo.

The GB/Olympic athlete will start their journey with a fun shake-up before introducing them to the Nutri Troops animated story. The athlete will run the nutrition PE lesson in the sports hall with a  teacher, while the children will learn about nutrition with specifically designed nutrition cards and fast-paced activity games. Each class will be challenged physically and mentally, ending the day with a motivational whole school assembly Q&A.


The Nutri games use animated characters based on the food groups to engage pupils in the subject matter. Each game uses nutrition cards during play, stimulating greater interactivity. Audio is used to immerse children into the full story, sparking their imagination to create lasting memories to anchor the learning.

The Nutri cards are a fun way to help kids understand and learn.