What’s it all about?

sportivater addressing kids in sports hall

Sports for Schools run athlete-led physical activities events to inspire kids (to do more sport), raise money for PE equipment in schools (over £2.5m to date), and support GB and Irish Olympic, Paralympic and Invictus athletes financially.

We visit 1,300 Primary Schools each year across the UK and Ireland (that’s over 350,000 inspired children!), giving children direct contact with extraordinary athletes (both able bodied and para-athletes).

Danny Lawrence enjoying some push-ups with some children at an event
Danny Lawrence enjoying some push-ups with some children at an event

Now in its ninth year, the most popular and successful event brings the country’s top athletes accompanied by an event host (we call them Sportivaters) to run a terrific fitness circuit at a primary school. Yes – the children are doing a fitness circuit right alongside the athlete: how good is that?!

Children love the exercise!

What’s more, we find every kid enjoys the event – with almost completely no exceptions over the whole 9 years that the scheme has been running. The children are excited to engage in fun physical activities and are encouraged through four different fitness exercises by the Sports for Schools team.

The school hall becomes alive with energy, noise, smiling happy faces and a sense of achievement as the children work together through each circuit station. They are learning, they are active, they are mentally and physically alert as they enjoy the exercise.

Sean Rose encouraging the kids
Sean Rose encouraging the kids


Motivating talk

Immediately after the activities everyone gathers for an assembly to rest and listen to the sports star speak about their individual sporting experiences, the lessons they have learned in life, and give a spectacular demonstration (where possible). As always, kids’ questions during the Q&A continually impress us with their clarity and insight.




The whole school takes part!

The event takes 2-3 hours depending upon the number of pupils taking part, and can be booked either for a morning or an afternoon session. Availability is extremely limited (events booked months in advance have been known to go within minutes) so please don’t let your pupils miss out!

To read more about how we do it, see the 3 Simple Steps

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